Posted by: puloma9 | July 11, 2010


Hello everyone, I am a student of North South University. Recently I have started doing my minor in English. I have taken two English courses in this semester. I have started this blogging for my English 315 course. In this course we had to choose a theme of a particular topic where I have to mention 10 different stories on that topic.


Now, I have selected my theme and that is Toy Story. It is not the movie; here I will provide the stories of 10 most popular toys in the world. I know all of us played with many toys in our childhood and I also know that we had some favorite toys for which we used to give some extra care. We did not even let anyone touch them also. We still cannot forget those memorable toys. I am a serious toy lover and in my childhood I had spent most of my times by playing with toys.


We all played with many toys but I know most of us are unaware to know the history and background of those toys; and I also know that most of us do not know the popularity statistics of those toys. I just want to tell here the history, background and the evolution of some particular toys.


While you were playing with your toys, have you ever thought what have you learned from that? Have you ever thought how the toy is effecting you? Have you ever thought who invented the toy and how? I will help you to know all the answers of these questions on my blog. Later I will also let you know what is the ascending popularity rank of the most popular toys.


I will send you the interesting information of the toys randomly. In every post you will find out a story of one single toy. Now, here is my story…….


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