Posted by: puloma9 | August 3, 2010

Meccano Set

Meccano Set

Meccano is a model construction system comprising re-usable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears which can be connected with nuts and bolts to join the pieces. It enables the building of working models and mechanical devices.

Meccano was invented in 1901 by Frank Horn in England and manufactured by the British company, Meccano Ltd. It is now manufactured in France and China also.

With a Meccano set there was a wide range of models that could be built. Here are the models for which instructions were given in the largest set of the late 1950s, the “Outfit 10”: “Railway Service Crane”, “Sports Motor Car”, “Coal Tipper”, “Cargo Ship”, “Double Decker Bus”, “Lifting Shovel”, “Blocksetting Crane”, “Beam Bridge”, “Dumper Truck”, “Automatic Gantry Crane”, “Automatic Snow Loader”, “4-4-0 Passenger Locomotive”.

On top of these there were instruction leaflets available for: “Combine Harvester”, “The Eiffel Tower”, “Showman’s Traction Engine”, “Twin-Cylinder Motor Cycle Engine”, “Trench Digger”, “Bottom Dump Truck”, “Road Surfacing Machine”, “Mechanical Loading Shovel”

Meccano set is my second most favorite game after Lego. I thought Meccano set was also as much popular as Lego. But I could not find much information like previous toys I have mentioned about. However, I can say that it has a wide popularity. I had a Meccano set which I used to play almost every day when I was a high school student. I have made all the items from the catalog. I am a bit expert in this game more than the video games.

Meccano set is another most creative game after Lego. It is a bit more complicated than Lego, but playing Meccano, children can broaden their intelligence. As I played this game I found several learning rules. In Meccano set you will find a catalog to build the models. The catalog shows a perfect sequence to build any kind of model perfectly. This sequence has also a logical method which is not written in the catalog but you can find that or learn that practically while you will play the Meccano. Like chess, this game also helps us broaden our concentration and patience.  It helps to learn the functions of any construction of cars, planes, helicopters, rockets etc. It gives a sample idea but the sample is very useful for understanding the adjustment of the internal and external mechanism of the products.



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