Posted by: puloma9 | July 18, 2010

Jigsaw Puzzle


Jigsaw puzzle is made by irregular shapes of cardboard, wood or plywood which is cut into small pieces. It can be interconnected with one another; and after interconnecting all the parts we get the full picture of a scenario. Most of the jigsaw puzzles’ sceneries are of nature, jungle, mountains, oceans, animals, buildings and castles etc. For children, the cartoon image and the image of the animals, fruits and flowers are very popular. So, any kind of picture can be used for jigsaw puzzle. Now-a-days many companies offer to turn personal photographs into puzzles.

The amazing game jigsaw puzzle was invented in 1760 by John Spilsbury. He was an engraver and mapmaker. One day he mounted one of his maps on a sheet of hardwood and cut around the borders of the countries with the use of fine-bladed marquetry saw. After that it became as an educational tool. It was used in teaching British children for their geography subject. The idea of this puzzle caught on that and until 1820 it remained as a primarily educational diversion. The cardboard puzzles were first introduced in the late 1800’s.

The treadle saw was used to make jigsaw puzzle which was introduced in 1880. A fret saw was actually used in the cutting of the puzzle pieces – the set up itself was called saw jig. Plywood was used towards the end of the 19th century and pictures were either glued or painted on the front of the wood. The maker would then trace in pencil on the back to indicate where the saw cuts should be made. Very old wooden puzzles can still show leftovers of pencil markings.

In the evolution of Jigsaw Puzzle, one strategy was to make cardboard puzzles more intricate and difficult. Thus it became more appealing as much to adults as to children.  Another was to use jigsaw puzzles as premiums for advertising purposes.  Einson-Freeman of Long Island City, New York began to make puzzles that were offered with toothbrushes in 1931.  But more important to the Jigsaw Puzzle’s continuing success was the introduction of the weekly puzzle in the media.

Three dimensional puzzles have become very popular in the modern days. Many of these are made of wood and Styrofoam. There are also computer versioned jigsaw puzzles. It can be played on the internet, sometimes free or sometimes on payment. This computer version puzzles are available in CD also.

This is a picture of world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. It has been cut into 24,000 pieces. It is also available in 3000 pieces. Many players joined in a competition and took a challenge to solve the puzzle in the shortest time. Here is a link; you can also join in this competition.

Jigsaw Puzzle is my most favorite game. In my childhood when it was time to play alone I would prefer to play jigsaw puzzle. It gave me more pleasure than any other thing. I have many jigsaw puzzles and I still love to play them. The jigsaw puzzles with more odd shapes make me more curious to solve the puzzle faster. I think it is the most intelligent game for a person to understand the puzzle of the real life also. Our life is also divided into many various shapes like the puzzle pieces; and we also have to interconnect them to get the whole picture of our life.



  1. Puzzle…This is the game that I used to play a lot in my childhood days. U have reminded me those days again…I felt like I have won a war after solving the puzzles!!! I used to show it to everyone to get praise, I was quite successful in getting praise…But I never thought about the elements which compose puzzles. Thanx for informing us Puloma…:)

  2. Puzzle is more like a family game to me, my mom is crazy about jigsaw puzzles. She used to solve 10000 pieces and more and we all used to take part from time to time. I loved the unity and fun it brought to my family 🙂

    • That’s nice! I didn’t find any person like your mom in Bangladesh. I have not meet any person who has solved more than 50 to 100 pieces of puzzle. Your mom is great. I appreciate her. I would like join in your puzzle game, I want to see the unity you said about. Convey my wish to your mom. Tell her to keep that spirit.

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