Posted by: puloma9 | July 18, 2010

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is a brand of die cast toy car. The term die-cast toy here refers to any toy or collectible model produced by using the die casting method. The toys are made of metal, with plastic, rubber or glass details. It was introduced by American toymaker Mattel on September 7, 1968.

The cars and trucks were originally manufactured to approximately 1:64 scales and designed to be used on associated Hot Wheels track sets. There were sixteen castings released in 1968. Eleven of them were designed by Harry Bentley Bradley. By 1970, a series of 1:43 scale “Gran Toros” made by Mebetoys in Milan, Italy, were introduced. More recently, a range of highly detailed adult collector vehicles, including replicas of NASCAR and Formula One cars, have found success. Roughly 10,000 different models of Hot Wheel Cars have been produced over the years.

Hot Wheel Vehicles are authorized by the General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Motor car makers. Hot Wheels also got licensed from Ferrari, Mazda and Toyota to make a scale model of their cars.

To make a Hot Wheels version of a current-model car, Mattel looks at design blueprints of the full sized car. There is an example of the Chrysler 300 Hot Wheel car. First, the Hot Wheels Team and Mattel went to Chrysler to look at the design of the 300 and the actual car. Chrysler licensed the blueprints to Mattel and the Hot Wheel Team for the purpose of producing the model car. Chrysler then required Mattel to return the blueprints after the Hot Wheel team was finished studying them.

Hot Wheels is also popular as a video game. I did not get the opportunity to play Hot Wheels play set, but I got the chance to play the game on my pc and PS2. When I start to play the game, I get very excited and I forget about everything what is happening around me. Hot Wheels is my most favorite video game. I enjoy playing it any time. I still have a dream of getting a real Hot Wheels play set.

The success of Hot Wheels in 1968 procession was solidified and merged with the 1969 releases. After that period Hot Wheels effectively established itself as the hottest brand of small toy car models in the USA.




  1. Your blog made me emotional. 😦 snif! snif!

    Hot wheels remind me of my younger brother. He was freaking crazy for these cars. We even fought many times just because I used to hide his toys. He was very annoying to me when we were young.
    he is one and half year junior than me. But now I miss my little brother. He is in Malaysia now, doing his diploma. I comes very often but still I miss my bro. I even miss those days when we used to fight for no reason. I told my mom about this blog and how it made me emotional. And she laughed then she also became emotional.

    Guess what I did afterwards? I called him and shared your blog about the Hot wheels. he laughed and said, oh! I miss you too pinku! 🙂

    • You still get time to check my blog! That’s so nice. These toys are my dream. If I had the time to play with them again. I always love to play hot wheels, but I couldnt buy any set of hotwheels, because those were too big to carry. I get pleasure to know your emotion and sweet memories of the toys. Thats why I have chosen this topic. Thanks for sharing.

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