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Lego is a line of construction toys which is manufactured by the Lego Group. The manufacturing company is situated in Billund, Denmarkwhich was established in 1932. The company name Lego was invented by Christiansen. The name Lego has come from Danish phrase “leg godt”, which means “play well”. The name could also be interpreted as “I put together” and “I assemble” in Latin. The motto of Lego Group is kun det bedste er godt nok which means “only the best is good enough”. This motto was created by Ole Kirk to encourage his employees never to skimp on quality, a value he believed in strongly. The motto is still used today within the company.

The use of plastic as toy was not highly regarded by retailers and consumers. Many of the Lego Group’s shipments were returned due to its poor sales; it was thought that plastic toys could never replace wooden toys. In 1958 the modern brick design was developed; but it took another five years to find out the right material for it.

Manufactured Lego bricks occur at a number of locations around the world. Brick decorations and packaging is done at plants in Denmark, the United States, Mexico and the Czech Republic. The Lego Company estimates that in the course of five decades it has sold some 400 billion Lego blocks (East Valley tribune. 21-12-2208). The average annual production of Lego bricks is approximately 20 billion (2×1010) per year, or about 600 pieces per second: if all the produced Lego bricks ever be divided equally among a world population of six billion, each person would have 62 Lego brick. ( Retrieved May 12, 2007)

One of the largest Lego sets ever commercially produced is a ‘minifig-scaled’ edition of the Star Wars Millenium Falcon. Designed by Jens Kronvold Fredericksen, it was released in 2007 and has 5,195 pieces. Later it exceeds by 5,922 pieces of Taj Mahal. Over the years, Lego have licensed themes from several cartoon and film franchises. These include Star Wars, Batman, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Spider-Man, Ben 10, Toy Story and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Lego is my most favorite toy. Because, I think it is the most creative game which has ever been invented. It helps us to enrich our thoughts of model building or designing any figure arts. But the price of the Lego is too high to afford by any family. I think the price of the Lego should be reduced to make it available for the children of all countries.

Lego art is also very popular now-a-days. Several artists have used Lego in their work, which is now described as ‘Lego art’ or ‘brick art’. The Little Artists John Cake and Darren Neave have created an entire Modern Art collection in Lego form. Danish artist Jorn Ronnau created a sculpture called The Walker out of 120,000 Lego bricks for the travelling exhibition ‘Homo Futurus’ at the end of the 1980s.


Lego is a unique game of colorful interlocking plastic bricks. The bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways to build vehicles, buildings, working robots and many other things. Any constructed model of Lego bricks can be made apart again. Now this toy has achieved an international appeal, with an extensive support for Lego movies, games, video games, competitions, and four Lego themed parks across Europe and America. Lego was declared “Toy of the Century” by “Fortune” and by the British Association of Toy Retailers.


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