Posted by: puloma9 | July 11, 2010

Barbie, the beautiful creation



I guess, almost all of you heard about the name of the famous doll, Barbie. It is the most popular doll in the world. Now-a-days many girls start to play with the Barbie doll from the early stage of their life. It becomes a role model of their life. 

The famous doll Barbie was first released on March 9, 1959 at the American international Toy Fair in New York. Ruth handler is the creator of this Barbie doll; she named the doll after her teenage daughter Barbara. It was originally based on the German doll Bild Lili.


Barbie was one of the first toys to have a marketing strategy based extensively on television advertising which has been copied widely by other toys. It is estimated that over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide in over 150 countries till 2005 (BBC News. September 22, 2006). Now, Mattel Corporation, manufacturer of Barbie, claims that three Barbie dolls are sold every second; and that there will be 7 rings around the world if arranged all the Barbie dolls (statistics of 2002 by Mattel Corp.).

The standard range of Barbie dolls and related accessories are manufactured to approximately 1/6th scale, which is known as play-scale. Barbie products include not only the range of dolls with their clothes and accessories, but also a large range of Barbie branded goods such as books, apparel, cosmetics, jewelries and video games etc.

My personal experience about Barbie is that I became very much eager for this doll since my childhood as its innocent appearance with a beautiful smile which attracted my attention deeply in my heart. I have never seen such a beautiful creation by human. The creators of Barbie doll gave it a very lively look which I have not found in any other doll yet. Until now, I have had a large collection of the Barbie brand. It gives me a pragmatic fantasy for my life. Now-a-days, I do not get much time to spend on my collection due to my studies and other routine commitments of life. But still the feelings about my collection are evergreen in my thoughts and mind.

Barbie is known to be the most popular doll all over the world. Many new dolls are coming with the same concept of Barbie but they have not got the same popularity and the business success as Barbie got. Barbie has already had a big fame all over the world, especially to the little girls. The management of Barbie has so far arranged many events across the world to help create awareness amongst the future generation girls. Now, Barbie has a large community. It has even its own blogs. I hope Barbie will always hold high its popularity.



Ruth handler would watch her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls. Barbara and her friends would play as adults with jobs and mimic. Mrs. Handler felt that the girls were expressing their future dreams through their playing with those paper dolls. She realized the lack of adult dolls on the market and recognized the need of these. Accordingly she got an idea to release a doll which will be characterized for the girls of future; and thereupon she made her famous Barbie doll. Around 350,000 Barbie dolls were sold during the first year of production.



  1. aww!! BARBIE ! i am a crazy fan of barbie. i have a lot of them, i even have a two-storied Barbie house. i got that on my 12th birthday.

    whenever i went out of the country, i never wanted to buy a dress, clip or anything, else a Barbie. i used spent hours and hours on toy shops. but in Dhaka, you have to roam a lot to buy an original Barbie doll.

    even now, when i go to a toy shop, i get stuck on the doll section & wonder why this new barbie was not available at my time.
    you know what ? … i have kept my barbie dolls for my daughter… i know this is a silly idea, but still i want her to see my doll collection 😀 & m sure she’z gonna be jealous 😛

    i can still remember my last Barbie. i emotionally appealed to my bad, i cried for Barbie!! it was in Dubai Airport. i got stuck when i saw that Princess Barbie. my mother was yelling at me, as we were getting late. but atlast i got that .. 😀 ye! i was 17 then (blush) , too old to buy a doll. Age doesn’t matter, as long as Barbie is there 😀

    Many new dolls are coming with the same concept of Barbie but they have that Charm and magic in their smile as Barbie.

    thnk u Puloma9, for sharing your thoughts and birth of Barie, i din’t knew that.

    • Thanks! you read it already! I didnt think that I will get a comment so early. Now, I have got another person who also likes to collect Barbie doll. Do you collect the doll only? How many dolls do you have? Please let me know, I want to see them. You are also invited in my house to see my collection. I have 24 barbie dolls. I am trying to have the 25th but I cannot get the one of my choice.

      It is an interesting story! Uh! you got that doll finally, it’s a luck indeed. I also got my most of the Barbie dolls at the age of 19.

      Barbie doll is such a thing that gives me a beautiful magical feeling. Does it work on you also? It is crazy, isnt it? But still I cant stop myself thinking about it. Thanks once again, for reading my article.

  2. WoW!
    A long history of Barbie!! U are right, we never ever think about the background of any toy. We know that we need to play, and we just play!! Thanks for providing information about Barbie, it has enriched our knowledge to a great extent.
    I dont know what kind of charm Barbie has that attracts people of all ages.I am also a big fan of Barbie, but I never got the opportunity to collect Barbie dolls like u…:(

    • My dear friend Roselin, thanks for your comment. Thank you also for appreciating about my theme. This is the magic of Barbie that it attracts people of all ages. Do you know one thing that Barbie is a brand now! But I dont know from when it is known as a brand, may be since 2006. I didnt get that information. If I get more information I will update that. Another interesting thing is the average age of the Barbie collecters is 40; can you imagine that! So, dont worry, I hope you still have the chance to collect Barbie dolls or any other item of that 😀

      Wait for my next two stories. They are coimg in this week…….

  3. i was very “un-girly” as a kid, but the one girly trait i had was my love for barbies. i love them n i still have my collection from wen i was a kid. nowadays, it’s become more of a collecting hobby, instead of toys. n thr r many ppl around the world who still do that.
    reading ur barbie post made me remember a lot of old memories. thr is one bit of trivia i still remember from my crazy barbie days n i’ll share that with u: the most expensive barbie in the world had 150 diamonds stitched in her outfit! that is one wealthy barbie!

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